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Communicating, Collaborating, Making, Educating, Entertaining, Trading

Highly Profitable and Not-for-Profit. Yes. What an Innovation!
We serve People and our mission is SOUL - Survival and Sustainability of Organized Human Life.
Not typical IT or "tech" indeed. Better. What People need and want.

We will be opening more public websites later in the year. This website provides early announcements and previews. More in-depth material is available upon direct request.

Intelligence Renaissance Industries (IRI) began in 2017 as synthesis of technologies relating to social communications, forecasting, prediction, and control (cybernetics, AI). Our history and our accomplishments, through earlier research, in academia, in companies, and through successful products, goes back over thirty years and involves many persons around the world.

As IRI, we have been working on our four components which provide resources for people, communities, corporations and others to communicate, collaborate, make, educate, entertain and trade - these are the six basic activities we do as humans, socially, together, as communities, as nations, as families, as individuals. This is the new COMEET experience which is the next phase of (r)evolution in social networking and community-building.

This spans all of what people want and need to be different, better, more personalized, friendly, relevant - in social networking, in collaboration tools for private and professional uses, in working together to create, invent, and make things, in sensible and relevant education and training, in entertainment including gaming, and in trading on all levels and with emphasis on personal freedom and privacy. This is what COMEET is all about, and this is what we are all about,

In our present and upcoming future times, in this 21st Century, Survival and Sustainability of human civilization, of organized life as we know it and want it, for not only ourselves but our children and all future generations - is gravely and seriously at stake. This is due especially to Climate change and the Dynamics of Extremes and Non-Linear Abrupt Changes that are occurring and that will increase. Also there are more factors, and all are closely-coupled, closely interconnected.

As terrible as this sounds, we all can do something about this and we can have a real renaissance, we can preserve, conserve, rewstore, and renewe our world. Technology can help, if we all apply ourselves to the effort.

As a company, we have made the decision to dedicate everything we have, all that we are, to the tasks of applying, directing, and using all our technologies and productware in the open service of humanity - for adaptation and intelligent solutions in the areas of most critical need for our global society. The primary focus is upon climate change and extreme dynamics, and what we need to do with respect to environment, energy, agriculture, water and our future social and economic structures and ways of living.

For this reason, IRI as a company has been converted into a not-for-profit corporation. All capital profits and gains that emerge from our business are being dedicated and directed into the primary purposes and objectives for which we work. We call this simply, SOUL - Survival and Sustainability of Organized Human Life.

SOUL is the most important question, task, work, objective for all of us humans on Earth today. Thus we dedicate and focus on work as a company, and all our technologies and products, to serving these important needs.

This is extraordinarily exciting but moreover it is exceptionally important for the future of our society and everyone. We know you will enjoy and approve of what we will soon be providing openly to Everyone. What we are doing - our entire business, our entire suite of offerings, including games, simulations, virtual worlds, social meeting and trading venues - Everything - is focused upon Adaptation to Unavoidable High-Impact Changes in our environment and our whole world, and this is Important for Everybody.

Will people working for and within IRI be well-paid, compensated for their work activities? Absolutely, and in more equitable and fair ways than in many mainstream corporations. Moreover, everyone in the IRI Family receives and can look forward to something more than what so many other companies offer their employees and stakeholders - a sustainable relationship that will carry us all through the hard times ahead. IRI is a Totally New Way of Working and Doing Business. Find out for yourselves - contact us and learn.

About "what" we have been designing, crafting and building - what we are now offering to the World - there are two bodies of information:
  • Some basic, technical, and business-oriented documents, some of which are available through the link down below ("Introductory Documents"). Many of these do not go into the latest changes and designs, and our unitary focus upon Climate and Environment (the "SOUL" topics).
  • Other materials that are available to people who contact us - once we begin having dialog, and determining the common interests, foundations, and mutual understandings, then it is easier to know what to provide.

About our entire "SOUL" focus, well, here is the best resource:

SOUL - Survival and Sustainability of Organized Human Life

For further information, contact us via +1 (231) 492-8301 or +1 (505) 926-1399 or by email to

Here are some documents that you can read.
These are previews and summaries of what IRI is all about.

Introductory Documents

Contact us to learn more and to be a part of this -
as player, user, trader, employee, team member, investor, champion.

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